Edgar Wild

Define values, and decision
making becomes simple.

  • We’re born from wide multidisciplinary experience with a single goal to do things better.
  • We produce high fidelity output with minimal process and overheads.
  • We’re quick, nimble decision makers and rule breakers. Energised through learning and collaboration.
  • The team are driven by the greater good, a purpose and a desire to never settle for “that’ll do”.
  • We are makers and approach problems through our “maker mindset” methodology.
  • We are not a digital, media or advertising agency.
  • We solve problems that exist, can be identified and validated.
  • We actually give a shit about what we do.
  • We’re embracing the future of “how we work” and “how we live” will evolve.
  • We get that value is critical and our commercial arrangements are based around it.
  • We are different in our approach, and some may not like that. We’re ok with it though; we love working with the ones that do get it.
  • We are drawn to products looking to disrupt and do the things they say are impossible.